Types of Curriculum in PE Education

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What is the term used for curriculum that comes from a national agency?

Recommended curriculum

Which type of curriculum includes documents handed down to schools for implementation?

Taught curriculum

Which type of curriculum is indicated by the results of tests and changes in behavior?

Learned curriculum

What kind of curriculum involves activities put into action in the classroom to achieve the objectives?

Assessed curriculum

Which type of curriculum is not deliberately planned and may be modified?

Hidden curriculum

What is the Latin origin of the term 'curriculum'?

'The race course'

What is the main focus of a subject-centered curriculum?

Distinct division into separate subjects

What is a characteristic of a dynamic curriculum?

Involves decisions about a variety of planning issues

What type of curriculum encourages students to participate physically and mentally in the learning process?

Activity-based curriculum

What is one of the recommendations for improving the curriculum?

Touching the life of the students

What is the main focus of an activity/experience-based curriculum?

Promoting physical and mental participation in learning

Explore the different types of curriculum operating in schools for Physical Education and Health Education for K-12, including recommended curriculum from national agencies, written curriculum, and taught curriculum. Learn about the various planned activities that are put into action in the classroom.

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