Types of Criterion Validity and Instrument Reliability

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What aspect of a test does predictive validity assess?

Ability to predict similar results to another future instrument

Which type of reliability involves administering an instrument twice to the same group?

Test-retest reliability

What does concurrent validity assess?

Prediction of results similar to tests validated in the past

Which type of reliability involves administering two tests with different wordings but identical content?

Equivalent forms reliability

What does internal consistency reliability measure?

Measure of how well items in two instruments measure the same construct

Which type of reliability measures the consistency of scores assigned by multiple raters?

Inter-rater reliability

What does the Data Gathering Procedure in a study typically include?

Ethical considerations and statistical treatment

Which type of research method involves studying cultural behaviors through immersion and observation?


What does Qualitative Research aim to uncover?

Underlying meanings and patterns

Which type of research explores individuals' subjective experiences and perceptions?


What is the main focus of Grounded Theory in research?

Development of theories from qualitative data

What are the considerations in describing an instrument for a study?

The actual instrument, purpose, developer, number of items, response format, scoring

Which type of research focuses on objective measurements and quantifiable variables?

Experimental Research

Which instruments are common in qualitative research but can also be used in quantitative studies?

Observation and Interview

What is the main purpose of Correlational Research?

Examination of relationships between variables

What does 'Adopt an Instrument' mean in the context of research instrument development?

Utilizing an instrument that has been tested for validity and reliability by others

Which type of research involves a comparison of groups to determine causal relationships without experimental control?

Causal-Comparative Research

In research instrument development, what is crucial when using an adopted instrument?

Considering the purpose and context of your study

What type of research involves the collection of data from a sample population using structured questionnaires or interviews?

Survey Research

What is the primary factor that allows Test and Questionnaire to be utilized in both qualitative and quantitative studies?

Their ability to gather numerical data

In which type of research are characteristics or behaviors described without manipulating variables?

Descriptive Research

Which of the following is NOT a consideration when describing a research instrument?

The type of statistical analysis to be performed

What is the primary focus of Quantitative Research?

Understanding relationships between variables

What is the main purpose of validity in research instrument development?

To measure what the instrument is supposed to measure

Why do speaking performances have greater validity than multiple choice tests in measuring speaking proficiency?

Speaking performances demonstrate actual communication skills

Which of the following is NOT a step in developing a research instrument, according to the text?

Validating the instrument

What are some popular sources of instruments mentioned in the text?

Tests in Print and IRIS Digital Repository

Why might one need to modify an existing instrument or create a new one according to the text?

To gather data efficiently

In research instrument development, why is it important to ensure that each specific question will be answered and no unnecessary questions are included in the instrument?

To enhance the reliability of the instrument

Learn about different types of criterion validity such as concurrent validity and predictive validity in the context of test assessments. Understand the concept of instrument reliability and its importance in measurement consistency.

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