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What is a topographic map?

A topographic map is a type of map that shows elevation.

What do contour lines on a topographic map represent?

Contour lines connect points of equal elevation.

Who uses topographic maps?

People like hikers and others who need to know the elevation of an area use topographic maps.

What is the purpose of index contours on a topographic map?

Index contours display the exact elevation of one specific line.

What is the contour interval on a topographic map?

The contour interval is the distance between any two side-by-side lines, indicating the elevation change.

Why do contour lines on a topographic map not cross?

Contour lines cannot cross because it would indicate two different elevations at the same location, which is not possible.

What are hachures and what do they indicate on a topographic map?

Hachures are lines that indicate depressions or holes on a topographic map.

What additional information does a geologic map show compared to a topographic map?

A geologic map shows the ages and types of rocks in addition to topographic lines.

What do different colors on a geologic map represent?

Different colors on a geologic map represent different types or ages of rocks.

How are metamorphic rocks usually colored on a geologic map?

Metamorphic rocks are usually colored with shades of brown or olive green on a geologic map.

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