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Theory of Evolution Overview

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What did Charles Darwin describe as descent with modification?

The idea that species living today are descendants of species from long ago

Why is evolution considered a scientific theory?

Because it has been studied and tested extensively and supported by evidence

What does paleontology study?

Prehistoric life including fossils and past climatic events

How does the fossil record help in understanding evolution?

By providing a timeline of biological events through layers of ground and fossils

What distinguishes a scientific theory from a simple explanatory idea?

A scientific theory explains natural phenomena and is confirmed through experiments and observations

How do parents and offspring relate in the context of evolution?

Offspring are modified versions of their parents due to gene combinations

Why is evolution considered the core theme of biology?

Because it explains the origin and diversity of life on Earth

Which of the following provides evidence for the evolution of whales and dolphins from four-legged land animals?

Their internal back limbs, which likely evolved from legs used on land

What is biogeography, and how did it contribute to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution?

The study of how species are distributed across the Earth, which suggested to Darwin that species evolve from a common ancestor

What is the term used to describe similar structures in different organisms that have different functions but evolved from a common ancestor?

Homologous structures

Which of the following is an example of a structure present during embryonic development that suggests a shared common ancestor among vertebrates?

The presence of a tail

Why do biologists use molecular biology to study the evolution of organisms that are distantly related?

Anatomical similarities are not as useful for distantly related organisms

What does the degree of difference in DNA sequences between two organisms indicate?

The degree of difference in their evolutionary history

Which of the following statements about the fossil record is true?

The fossil record only shows us the sequence of historical changes in organisms that formed fossils

What is the term used to describe the study of embryos?


Learn about the Theory of Evolution which explains how species living today are descendants of species from long ago. Charles Darwin observed this phenomenon and described it as descent with modification. Explore how evolution occurs on a large scale over a very long time.

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