Theories of Intelligence in Everyman’s Science VOL. XXXIX NO. 3, August — September’04

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According to Sternberg (1986), what are the two principal classifications of definition of intelligence?

Operational definition and real definition

What does the text imply about the multitude of theories attempting to explain intelligence?

They often contradict at least one earlier theory

What is the main challenge with the scope of intelligence, as mentioned in the text?

'None of them satisfactorily deals with the scope of intelligence'

What does being labeled as 'intelligent' impart, according to the text?

Positive feelings, encourages self esteem and a sense of worth

What is one way to seek understanding of intelligence?

'Simply to define what it is'

Study Notes

Classifications of Intelligence

  • Two principal classifications of intelligence definitions: implicit and explicit
  • Implicit definitions: focus on the ability to adapt to the environment
  • Explicit definitions: focus on the ability to process and understand information

Theories of Intelligence

  • Multiple theories attempting to explain intelligence imply that there is no single, universally accepted definition
  • The multitude of theories suggests that the concept of intelligence is complex and multifaceted

Challenges of Defining Intelligence

  • The scope of intelligence is difficult to define due to its broad and encompassing nature
  • The challenge arises from the diverse manifestations of intelligence across different cultures and contexts

Implications of Being Labeled 'Intelligent'

  • Being labeled as 'intelligent' can impart a sense of prestige, respect, and social status
  • This label can also affect an individual's self-concept and opportunities in life

Seeking Understanding of Intelligence

  • One way to gain understanding of intelligence is to study exceptional individuals who possess extraordinary abilities or talents

Explore the various theories of intelligence discussed in Everyman’s Science VOL. XXXIX NO. 3, August — September’04. Delve into the concepts of 'general intelligence', situational factors, and their impact on understanding intelligence.

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