The Repositories of Historical Sources in History

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What does the American Historical Association define history as?

A never-ending process of understanding the past and its meanings

According to Aristotle, what is history?

A systematic account of a set of natural phenomena

What type of information does factual history present?

Basic information such as what, when, and who

Where can students of history find documents at the foremost depository in the Philippines?

National Library of the Philippines (NLP)

What do unpublished documents refer to?

Confidential documents kept in private

Where can free access to digitized copies of Spanish government documents be found?

Spanish Depositories

What type of evidence are artifacts like tools and ornaments considered as?

Archaeological evidence

During which period did the British occupy Manila, leading to historical sources being transferred to the British Museum?


Which repository potentially holds valuable historical sources for researchers due to the ties between Mexico and the Philippines?

Archivo General de Indias (Seville)

What do relics, remains, and testimonies of witnesses collectively refer to as per Howell and Prevenier?

Secondary written sources

Which type of evidence includes fixtures, tools, and ornaments for studying the ways of life of past cultures?

Archaeological evidence

Where did Jose Rizal research in an attempt to annotate the Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas of Antonio de Morga?

British Museum

Explore the definition and significance of history through various perspectives, including that of Aristotle and Zeus Salazar. Understand how history is a continuous effort to comprehend the past and its various interpretations.

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