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Who promoted the radical idea that intelligence is educable in the 1960s?

Maria Montessori

Who developed the structure of intellect model expanding the concept of intelligence to 120 factors with a strong focus on creativity?

J. P. Guilford

According to Robert Sternberg's Triarchic concept of intelligence, what type of giftedness is demonstrated by someone who is creative, insightful, imaginative, and demonstrates an intuitive type of thinking?

Synthetic giftedness

What do IQ tests measure, except for emotional quotient?

Emotional stability

Who is known as the Father of Gifted Education?

Lewis Terman

Test your knowledge of influential figures in the field of intelligence and creativity with this quiz. From Maria Montessori's revolutionary ideas about educable intelligence to J.P. Guilford's expansive model of intellect, challenge yourself to identify key concepts and individuals in the study of cognitive abilities and creativity.

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