The Impact of the Industrial Revolution

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What was one major outcome of the Scientific Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment?

Burst of creativity and innovation leading to technological inventions

How did the increase in knowledge and wealth impact people's lives in Europe during this time?

People were no longer concerned about basic survival

What technological advancement played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution?

Invention of the internal-combustion engine

How did urbanization impact family structures during the 18th century?

Family circles became smaller with a tighter concept of family

What played a crucial role in jumpstarting a revolution during urbanization?

Consolidation of skilled labor and scientific progress

What transformation did Joel Mokyr refer to when calling the 19th and 20th centuries 'the most transformative centuries in all of human history'?

Significant social and economic changes

Why couldn't the Industrial Revolution have taken place in antiquity?

The means of production and slave-based economy in antiquity maintained the status quo.

What was a significant difference between life before and after the Industrial Revolution?

Before the revolution, people mainly used hands or animals for physical labor.

Why did the scholars of the Renaissance start challenging traditional norms of thinking?

Due to the influence of Arabic translations of ancient Greek literature.

What caused survival to rely heavily on physical prowess throughout most of human existence?

Most people being farmers or peasants.

Why did life become increasingly industrialized in the last three centuries?

As a result of advancements in mechanical power.

'Why did the ancient world’s great civilizations not take a step towards industrialization?' According to the text, what was a key reason?

The reliance on a slave-based economy.

Explore the significant changes brought about by the Industrial Revolution in various aspects of human life. From physical labor to societal structures, this period reshaped civilization. Test your knowledge on this transformative era.

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