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What was a significant development of the First Industrial Revolution?

Introduction of steam power

Which technological advancement characterized the Second Industrial Revolution?

Discovery of electricity

How did the mechanization of production impact productivity during the First Industrial Revolution?

Achieved double the volume in the same time

Which type of engines was the main driving force during the First Industrial Revolution?

Steam engines

What distinguished the Second Industrial Revolution from the First Industrial Revolution?

Use of electricity and assembly line production

Which transportation advancements were a result of the First Industrial Revolution?

Steamship and steam-powered locomotive

What was one of the main principles of mass production that Henry Ford borrowed from an animal house in Chicago?

Assigning each worker a specific task in the assembly line

What technological advancement marked the beginning of the Third Industrial Revolution in the 1970s?

Automation using memory-programmable controls and computers

What is a key characteristic of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as 'Industry 4.0'?

Expansion of production systems with network connections

What does 'Industry 4.0' primarily focus on in terms of applying technologies to industry?

Connecting production systems through network communications

Which term best describes the communication between production systems, components, and people in smart factories under 'Industry 4.0'?

Cyber-Physical System

What differentiates the Fourth Industrial Revolution from the Third Industrial Revolution?

Application of information and communication technologies

Test your knowledge on the history and impact of the Industrial Revolution, from the First Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0. Explore the technological advances, changes in production technologies, working conditions, and societal transformations brought about by this pivotal period in history.

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