The Fourth Amendment and Warrant Requirements in Murder Scene Cases

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According to the text, what did the United States Supreme Court reaffirm in the case of Thompson v. Louisiana?

There is no 'murder scene' exception to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement.

Who admitted the police into the house where the major crime scene was located?

The daughter

What did the investigators do during the general exploratory search of the house?

They found three items of evidence related to the homicide.

Which of the following is true about the Fourth Amendment and searches?

Officers can search a residence without a warrant if they believe there may be additional victims or suspects present.

When can officers seize items in plain view?

If they are in plain view from an area where officers have a right to be.

In what situations should officers obtain a search warrant to search a premises?

If it is the residence of the victim.

According to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Thompson, a warrantless search and seizure conducted at the defendant's home violated which Amendments?

Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments

What did the U.S. Supreme Court conclude about the intrusion of privacy rights in the Thompson case?

The intrusion was greater than in the Mincey case and violated the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments

According to the text, which principle applies to any location where there is a recognizable expectation of privacy?

The plain view doctrine

When can officers conduct a more extensive search without a warrant?

If they have the consent of the victim

Quiz: Understanding the Fourth Amendment and Warrant Requirements in "Murder Scene" Cases Test your knowledge on the United States Supreme Court's reaffirmation of the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement in "Murder Scene" cases. Explore the key details of the Thompson v. Louisiana case and its implications for law enforcement procedures.

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