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What does the term 'digital divide' refer to?

Gap in access to modern information and communications technology

Who does the digital divide affect?

Those living in rural areas and urban areas

How does the digital divide impact political empowerment and mobilization?

It makes them difficult without digital connectivity

What does the digital divide affect in terms of governance?

Transparency and accountability

How does the digital divide impact educational capacity?

It impacts the capacity of children to learn and develop

What is addiction defined as?

A damaging need to do something

What are some effects of addiction to technology, as mentioned in the text?

Poor sleep quality, anxiety, and depression

How do the emotional symptoms of technology addiction compare to substance abuse and drug withdrawal?

They are similar

What effect does tech dependence have on the brain, according to the text?

Similar effect on the brain as drug addiction

Why should the signs of internet and technology addiction be taken seriously?

Because they should be taken seriously

Test your knowledge about the digital divide with this quiz. Explore the disparities in access to technology and communication tools among different demographics and regions. Learn about the impact of the digital divide and how it can be addressed.

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