Table Tennis Smash and Loop Drive Strokes Quiz

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What is the main aim of the forehand smash in table tennis?

To strike hard and fast to force the opponent away from the table

What is the purpose of the backswing in a table tennis smash?

To generate potential energy for a powerful shot

In table tennis, what is the key factor that the forehand smash relies on besides force?


What is a crucial element of the forehand loop technique in table tennis?

Creating a tilted topspin

Which foot should be slightly behind in the stance for a right-hander while preparing for a forehand smash?

The right foot

When playing a forehand drive, what type of shot is usually used to counter a lob in table tennis?

Forehand Smash

What is the recommended stance for executing a forehand loop?

Feet at least 1.5 shoulder-widths apart, right foot slightly back, leaning forward

What should a player master before attempting to learn the forehand loop?

Four basic strokes and forehand drive

Which of the following statements about the backhand loop is true?

It is an advanced topspin stroke built upon the backhand drive

What is the recommended technique for the upper body when executing a forehand loop?


Which of the following statements is true about the forehand loop?

It adds additional speed, spin, and power to the basic forehand drive

What is a prerequisite for learning the backhand loop, according to the text?

Being able to play a good backhand drive

What is the key difference between a loop drive and a speed drive?

The bat is more parallel to the direction of the stroke for a loop drive

What is the primary characteristic of the 'Rush' variation of the loop drive?

It has a flatter trajectory but carries stronger topspin than a speed drive

When is a player most likely to execute a smash stroke?

When their opponent's return bounces too high and/or too close to the net

What is the key technique involved in executing a loop drive?

The bat grazing the ball to impart topspin

Which of the following best describes the 'Loop' variation of the loop drive?

It has a higher trajectory and more topspin but is slower than other variations

Which technique is described as 'the Offensive trump card in table tennis'?

The smash

Test your knowledge on smash and loop drive strokes in table tennis. This quiz covers the offensive trump card in table tennis, when to execute a smash, the technique involved, and the significance of loop drive strokes.

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