How to Serve Legally in Table Tennis

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What is the minimum height the ball must be tossed for a legal serve?

16 cm

What should the hand holding the ball (freehand) be doing when serving?

It should be above the table

What might happen if an umpire calls an unlawful serve?

The server gets a warning

Where should the ball be kept before launching it into the air for a serve?

In the hand holding the ball

What is the consequence of making repeated improper serves?

Opponent scores a point

How should the ball be thrown for a legal serve?

Almost straight up

What is the position of the hand holding the ball during the serve?

Above the table

What should be done after picking up the ball for a table tennis serve?

$2(4 - 1)$ seconds before launching it into the air

When is it not allowed to hit the ball?

All of the above

What must be done after serving?

Remove the free arm from the ball

What must be visible during the serve?

The contact point

When does the service begin?

With the ball freely sitting on the server's open palm

What should the receiver see at all times during the serve?

The ball

What happens if the umpire is unsure about the legality of a serve?

They may warn the server the first time

Under what circumstance may the umpire lower the rules for legal serve?

Where a physical impairment prevents compliance

What is NOT allowed during a serve?

Projecting the ball

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Learn the 5 simple steps to serve legally in table tennis and avoid common illegal serving techniques such as no-toss serve, hidden serve, and thrown to the paddle serve. This guide is essential for players and coaches to ensure fair play and sportsmanship.

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