Syntax Coverage in Software Testing

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What are the two approaches for developing tests based on syntax?

Cover the syntax and violate the syntax

What is the objective of fuzzing or fuzz testing?

To provide inputs that are 'correct enough' to pass validation but 'incorrect enough' to expose defects

What is one common use of syntax manipulation mentioned in the text?

Fuzzing or fuzz testing

What is the purpose of violating the syntax, as mentioned in the text?

To expose defects and unexpected behaviors

What is an example cited in the text related to violating the syntax?


Study Notes

Syntax-Based Testing Approaches

  • Two approaches for developing tests based on syntax: exhaustive testing and fuzz testing

Fuzzing or Fuzz Testing

  • Objective of fuzzing: to test the robustness of a system by providing invalid or unexpected input to observe its behavior

Syntax Manipulation

  • Syntax manipulation: a common use is to generate test cases that are syntactically valid but semantically invalid

Violating Syntax

  • Purpose of violating syntax: to test the error handling capabilities of a system
  • Example: providing a malformed XML file to a parser to test how it handles errors

Test your knowledge about syntax coverage and its application in software testing. This quiz covers concepts from Chapter 9 of 'Introduction to Software Testing, 2nd Edition' by Ammann, Offutt, and Kurtz.

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