Business Sustainability Practices

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What was the Co-operative Insurance Society known for in the UK?

Adopting an ethical policy for all its funds

How many mutual funds follow SRI strategies in the United States?

About 230

What is the purpose of social indexes?

To provide a counterpart to traditional financial indices

When was the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Indexes launched?


What is the role of socially responsible investments?

To alleviate poverty and create empowerment

What is required for sustainable socioeconomic development?

Easily accessible, low-cost, and amenable funds

What is the end point of many social enterprises?

A participatory socioeconomic transformation

What is the goal of social enterprises?

To empower the poor and needy

What is the role of technology in socioeconomic development?

To sustain long-term development

What is the outcome of meaningful relations between the resourceful and the needy?

Enhanced community well-being

Test your knowledge on the importance of sustainability in business practices, and how corporations are adapting to consumer demands for eco-friendly products and services.

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