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What is the primary function of a combining vowel in medical terminology?

To facilitate the pronunciation of words between word roots

Which of the following medical terms is an example of an eponym?

Alzheimer's disease

What is the meaning of the combining form 'Acr/o' in medical terminology?


Which of the following is an example of a compound word in medical terminology?


What is the meaning of the combining form 'Psych/o' in medical terminology?


Which surgical procedure involves surgical fixation?


What does the suffix '-tome' refer to in surgical terminology?

An instrument used for cutting

Which procedure involves the process of loosening, freeing, or destroying?


What is the purpose of a thoracentesis procedure?

Surgical puncture to aspirate fluid from the chest

Which term refers to the creation of an opening?


In surgical terminology, what does the suffix '-pexy' indicate?

Surgical crushing or breaking

Study Notes

Elements of Medical Terminology

  • A medical term consists of a word root, combining vowel, and combining form.
  • A word root is the main part of a medical term that conveys the basic meaning.
  • A combining vowel is used to link word roots together and facilitate pronunciation.
  • A combining form is a modified word root that is used to form a new medical term.

Suffixes in Surgery

  • Centesis: a surgical puncture to aspirate or remove fluid (e.g., abdominocentesis, amniocentesis).
  • Ectomy: excision or surgical removal (e.g., appendectomy, cholecystectomy).
  • Lysis: process of loosening, freeing, or destroying (e.g., gastrolysis, adhesiolysis).
  • -pexy: surgical fixation (e.g., rectopexy, hemorrhoidopexy).
  • -plasty: surgical repair (e.g., hernioplasty, abdominoplasty).
  • RRhaphy: suture (e.g., herniorrhaphy).
  • Scopy: visual examination with the use of a lighted instrument (e.g., colonoscopy, anoscopy).
  • -stomy: creation of an opening (e.g., colostomy, ileostomy).
  • -tome: an instrument used for cutting (e.g., electrotome, microtome).
  • -tomy: incision or cutting into tissue (e.g., laparotomy, choledochotomy).


  • Originate from a name of a place, person, or thing (e.g., Alzheimer's disease, Babinski sign).

Test your knowledge of surgical medical terminology with this quiz based on understanding word formation, identifying word parts, and utilizing suffixes in common surgical terms. Explore commonly conducted surgical procedures in hospitals.

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