Sumerian Civilization Contributions: Cuneiform and Innovations

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What was the main purpose of irrigation and dikes in Sumerian civilization?

To bring water to farmlands and control river flooding

Which city is known as the first true city in the world in Sumerian civilization?


What was cuneiform in Sumerian civilization?

A form of writing using wedge-shaped symbols on clay

What did the Sumerians use to develop the first roads?

Sunbaked bricks

What was the significance of the sailboats in Sumerian civilization?

Important for transportation and trading

Where was the capital of the Babylonian Civilization located?

Tigris-Euphrates Valley

How did the invention of the wheel impact Sumerian civilization?

Enabled easier mass production

Which civilization is known for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon?

Babylonian Civilization

What made the Hanging Gardens of Babylon unique?

Made of layers of plants, trees, and vines

Which civilization utilized a system of bookkeeping and double-entry accounting?

Babylonian Civilization

Explore the ancient Sumerian civilization, known for its advancements in writing with cuneiform, transportation via sailboats, techniques of farming, and use of the sexagesimal system for counting. Discover their contributions to the world's first writing system and intricate textile arts.

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