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Subsea Pipeline Insulation Methods

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What is the primary purpose of the carrier pipe in the towing method of pipeline installation?

To provide a corrosion-free environment internally

What is the maximum installable pipe size using the S-Lay method?


What is the typical lay rate of the J-Lay method?

1 - 1.5 km per day

What is a common insulation material used for subsea pipelines?


What is the main advantage of the J-Lay method compared to S-Lay?

Less tension required

What are the two limitations of the towing method?

Length of fabrication and towing limit

What is the primary consideration while selecting a subsea pipeline route?

All of the above

What is the minimum required pipeline route curve radius (Rs) determined to prevent?

Slippage of the curved pipeline on the sea floor

What is the purpose of a pipeline route survey?

To obtain site-specific information including bathymetry, seabed characteristics, and soil properties

What happens if the pipeline-soil friction resistance is too small?

The pipeline will spring-back to a straight line

What is the purpose of calculating the required minimum straight pipeline length (Ls)?

To prevent slippage at initiation

Who is contracted to obtain site-specific information for the pipeline route survey?

The survey company

What is the impact on the pipe lay rate if one station spends 10 minutes while others spend 5 minutes?

It is reduced by 50%

What is the advantage of ReelLay pipe over S lay?

It has lower tension and more control

What is the typical lay rate of ReelLay pipe?

14 km per day

Why are offshore pipelines trenched?

For physical protection from anchor dropping or trawl dragging

What is a limitation of ReelLay pipe?

It has limited coating types

What feature of J-lay allows it to weld multiple pipe joints?

It has a single welding station

Learn about the different methods used to insulate subsea pipelines, including active heating methods and passive insulation materials. Understand the characteristics of various insulation materials and their applications. Test your knowledge of subsea pipeline insulation techniques!

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