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Stress vs Strain Curve and Material Strength

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What is a metal's ability to withstand being pressed or squeezed called?

Compressive strength

What is the process called when a metal is softened in order to increase its malleability?


Which property allows a material to be bent, formed, or shaped without cracking or breaking?


Which type of strength is a metal's ability to resist shear stress?

Torsional strength

What property is generally considered opposite to hardness?


What is a metal's ability to resist repeated loading known as?

Fatigue strength

Which property refers to the ability of a metal to be drawn into wire stock, extrusions, or rods?


Which property of a metal relates directly to its ability to resist cutting, penetration, or abrasion?


What does impact strength (toughness) measure in a metal?

Ability to resist shock

What must be done if hammering and shaping harden a metal to such an extent that it cannot be formed easily?

Anneal it again

What property allows a metal to be hammered, pressed, or rolled into thin sheets without breaking?


Which type of loading force is related to a metal's bending strength?

Bending strength

What is the main characteristic that tungsten adds to the steel it is alloyed with?

High melting point

Where are tungsten balance weights typically used?

For control surface balance weights

What is a key advantage of titanium steel alloys?

High corrosion resistance

Why is stainless steel well-suited for high-temperature applications such as firewalls?

Contains large amounts of chromium and nickel

What makes pure iron unsuitable for use as a structural material?

Softness and ductility

What type of elements are alloyed with iron to create steel suitable for varied applications?

A few percent to a few tens of percent of various alloying elements

What is the term used to describe the predictable expansion or contraction of a material at specific temperatures?

Thermal expansion

Which process involves melting two or more compatible pieces of metal into one continuous part?

Fusion joining

What is the most common ferrous metal found in aircraft structures?

Stainless steel

What is the term used to describe the ability of a metal to be joined by heating and melting?

Fusion joining

What is formed when iron combines readily with oxygen?

Rust (iron oxide)

What distinguishes cast iron from other forms of iron?

Higher carbon content

How is the process of normalising different from annealing?

Normalising involves cooling steel in still air, while annealing involves slow cooling in the furnace.

What is the primary factor that determines the maximum hardness carbon steel can attain during hardening?

The carbon content of the steel

Which method is most effective for quickly cooling hardened steel alloy after it has been heated?

Quenching it in oil or brine

What is the purpose of normalising in aircraft work, particularly on welded parts?

To relieve internal stresses and strains set up by forging

Why is it important to cool steel alloy rapidly after hardening?

To achieve the maximum hardness possible

Which method allows for slower heat dissipation when cooling steel?

Packing in hot sand or ash

Explore the stress vs strain curve and concepts like strain hardening, ultimate strength, yield strength, and fracture in materials like structural steel. Test your knowledge on material properties and behavior under different loading forces.

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