Strategic Planning Process

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What is a major flaw of 'blue sky' objectives?

They lack practicality and fail to bridge the gap between aspiration and action

What is the main purpose of strategic planning?

To show how short-term aims and efforts will contribute to the company's long-term goals

What is the purpose of environmental scanning in strategic planning?

To identify and keep an eye on external and internal elements that could have an impact on the organization's long-term viability

What is the outcome of not having a concrete implementation plan?

Uncertainty about progressing toward the stated objectives

What is the role of strategic planning in achieving long-term goals?

To navigate toward the company's destination

What is the primary benefit of SWOT analysis in strategic planning?

To identify internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats

What is the primary purpose of evaluating the implementation of strategic plans?

To assess the effectiveness of the strategies and make adjustments

At which points in the strategic planning process can stakeholder analysis occur?

At points 1, 2, and 3 in the cycle

What is the outcome of formulating strategies and an action agenda?

A strategic plan for implementation

What is the characteristic of the strategic planning process?

Cyclical and ongoing

What is the purpose of goal definition in the strategic planning process?

To define measurable objectives

What is the role of analytics software in the strategic planning process?

To evaluate the effectiveness of strategies

What is the primary goal of the Stakeholders Assessment in Phase 1?

To identify and evaluate stakeholders affected by the project

What is the main purpose of Phase 2 in strategic planning?

To establish a clear roadmap for the organization

What is the term used to describe the process of determining whether a provider can demonstrate basic skills and processes?

Readiness Assessment

What is the importance of planning in the cyclical planning process?

To think through the process and stick to the plan

What is the focus of Phase 1 in strategic planning?

Organizing the process and analyzing the environment

What is the purpose of Mandate Analysis in Phase 1?

To perform analysis and find existing errors and potential problems

Understand the cyclical nature of strategic planning and its evaluation process. Learn how to assess the effectiveness of strategies and make informed decisions.

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