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Why does the speaker reveal their mind to others?

To seek advice and assistance

What is the reaction of some people when the speaker reveals their mind?

They are shocked and disapprove

How does the speaker feel towards the person who helps them after revealing their mind?

Thankful and appreciative

Study Notes

Understanding the Illusion of Material Energy and the Process of God-consciousness

  • The Supreme Personality of God, Hari, is the object for fulfilling the senses of all living entities.
  • The living entities, illusioned by the material energy, worship their senses instead of engaging them in the service of the Lord.
  • The purpose of the senses is to engage them in the transcendental loving service of the Lord or his devotees.
  • The conditioned souls became captivated by sense enjoyment, deviating from their original purpose.
  • God-consciousness aims to rectify the conditioned activities of the senses and re-engage them in the direct service of the Lord.
  • The material universe is created and annihilated by the will of the Lord to give the conditioned souls a chance to return home to God.
  • Devotees like Premahji, Naradaji, and Vyasaji work to reclaim the conditioned souls from sense gratification and engage their senses in the service of the Lord.
  • Impersonalists make the conditioned souls and the Lord senseless, which is an improper treatment.
  • The material disease is based on the process of sense gratification, and liberation involves re-engaging the senses in service to the Lord.
  • The material energy, known as Maya, traps the living entities who try to lord over it but are actually under its control.
  • Maya makes the living entities falsely think they are powerful and in control, while they are actually suffering and struggling.
  • People seek relief from suffering through low-level activities like intoxication, illicit sex, gambling, and meat-eating, or through higher-level pious activities and pursuit of heavenly planets.

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