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Speech acts are actions performed via ______


Speech acts include apology, complaint, ______, requests and so on


The word 'sorry' performs an ______


Speech events refer to the activity in which participants interact via language in some conventional way to arrive at some outcome – the speaker and the listener are usually helped in this process by the circumstances surrounding an ______


Locutionary act refers to the basic act of forming sounds or words to create meaningful ______


What are examples of speech acts?

Apology, complaint, compliment, requests

What does locutionary act refer to?

The basic act of forming sounds or words to create meaningful utterances

What is the purpose of speech events?

To facilitate interaction via language to achieve a particular outcome

What does the word 'sorry' perform in the sentence 'I am sorry because I forgot your birthday'?

An apology

What is encompassed by speech acts?

Actions performed via utterances

Test your understanding of speech acts with this quiz! Explore different types of speech acts such as apology, complaint, compliment, and requests. Enhance your knowledge of how language is used to perform actions and convey meaning through utterances.

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