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What is the primary focus of non-functional requirements in software systems?

Characteristics essential for effective operation

During the inception phase, which type of requirement is specifically targeted at detailing the technical design of the software system?

Design requirements

In Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), what is the primary purpose of a use case?

Represent a sequence of actions the system performs in response to an external event

Which category of requirements typically includes information about operating systems and network protocols?

System requirements

What is the primary objective of the Use-Case Model during the inception phase?

To clarify the vision and validate technical ideas

What is the main objective of the inception phase in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design?

Establishing project goals and objectives

Which element of the Use Case Model defines how actors use a system to accomplish a specific objective?

Use Case

How are swimlanes used in activity diagrams?

To organize activities and show different actors or organizations involved

What does a merge node represent in an activity diagram?

A point where multiple flows come together into a single flow

What is one of the activities carried out during the inception phase to establish the common vision for a project?

Analyzing data for problem-solving

How are flow final nodes represented in an activity diagram?

As circles with a cross inside

What does 'Defining the scope' involve in the inception phase of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design?

Defining the features, functionality, and limitations of the software

During the inception phase of OOAD, what does the project team do in the 'Identifying stakeholders' activity?

Identify users, customers, and developers involved in the project

In an activity diagram, how are object nodes depicted?

As rectangles

What is the purpose of a fork node in an activity diagram?

To split a single incoming flow into multiple concurrent flows

How are synchronization points represented in an activity diagram?

As slightly thicker straight lines

What does a join node do in an activity diagram?

Joins multiple concurrent flows back into a single flow

How are object nodes depicted in an activity diagram?

As rectangles

Which element in an activity diagram indicates the end of a flow?

Flow final nodes

What is the function of a merge node in an activity diagram?

To bring multiple flows together into a single flow

In an activity diagram, what is the purpose of swimlanes?

To organize activities based on actors or organizations

Study Notes

Here are the study notes in bullet points:

Non-Functional Requirements of a Software System

  • Non-functional requirements focus on the technical design of the software system.
  • Examples: operating systems, network protocols.

Use Cases and Actors

  • Use cases represent a sequence of actions that the system performs in response to an external event to achieve a specific goal or objective.
  • Actors are people, organizations, or systems that interact with the software system being developed.
  • There are three types of actors: primary actors, supporting actors, and offstage actors.

Use Case Model

  • The use-case model is a model that shows how users interact with the system to solve a problem.
  • The use-case model defines the user's objective, the interactions between the system and the user, and the system's behavior required to meet these objectives.

Use Case Diagram

  • A use case diagram is a graphical representation of the relationships between actors and use cases.
  • Components of a use case diagram include actors, use cases, and associations between them.

Inception Phase of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)

  • The inception phase involves gathering information and understanding the requirements for a new software project.
  • Activities in the inception phase include:
    • Identifying the problem to be solved
    • Defining the scope of the project
    • Identifying stakeholders
    • Establishing project goals and objectives
    • Creating the initial set of requirements

Artifacts in Inception

  • Artifacts in inception include:
    • Vision and Business Case
    • Use-Case Model
    • Supplementary Specification
    • Glossary
    • Risk List and Risk Management Plan
    • Prototypes and proof-of-concepts
    • Iteration Plan
    • Phase Plan and Software Development Plan
    • Development Case


  • Requirements are high-level descriptions of a particular system service, constraint, or detailed specification generated during the requirements gathering process.
  • Types of requirements include:
    • Functional requirements
    • Non-functional requirements
    • User requirements
    • System requirements
    • Design requirements
    • Domain requirements

Test your knowledge on the software development life cycle phases, requirements, and technical design concepts. Questions cover topics such as supplementary specifications, non-functional requirements, and design requirements.

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