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What is the main purpose of the Supplementary Specification during the inception phase?

To identify the key non-functional requirements impacting the architecture

Which type of requirement focuses on the technical design of the software system?

Design requirements

What do non-functional requirements in software systems focus on?

Characteristics essential for effective operation

Which category of requirements includes information about operating systems and network protocols?

System requirements

What is the main purpose of the Use-Case Model during inception?

To clarify the vision and validate technical ideas

What is the purpose of a use case in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)?

Represent a sequence of actions the system performs in response to an external event

What is the main purpose of capturing non-functional requirements in a software system?

Establishing the common vision for the project

Which type of actor in a software system directly interacts with the system to achieve their goals?

Primary Actors

In Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, what is the role of associations?

Defining the interactions between actors and use cases

During the inception phase of OOAD, what does 'Identifying stakeholders' activity involve?

Identifying users, customers, and developers involved in the project

What role do swimlanes play in activity diagrams?

To organize activities and show different actors or organizations involved

What do object nodes represent in an activity diagram?

Circles with a cross inside

Test your knowledge on software development requirements, including the purpose of the Supplementary Specification in the inception phase and types of requirements focusing on technical design. Find out which type of requirement focuses on the technical design of the software system.

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