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What is necessary for functional requirements?

All the information necessary for the developer to implement it correctly

What is the purpose of using TBD in requirements?

To highlight any gaps in the requirements

When should all TBDs be resolved?

Before the implementation phase

What is the goal of a well-written functional requirement?

To ensure correct implementation

What should a functional requirement contain?

All necessary information for the developer

Where should you verify the correctness of a requirement?

With the person who provided the initial requirement

What is a characteristic of a correct requirement?

It accurately describes a capability that meets a stakeholder's need

What should you do if a low-level requirement conflicts with its parent?

Correct the low-level requirement to align with its parent

What is the purpose of going back to the source of the requirement?

To verify the requirement's correctness

What makes a requirement accurate?

It clearly describes the functionality to be built

What are two ways to evaluate requirement feasibility?

Incremental development approaches and proof-of-concept prototypes

What is a factor that influences the feasibility of a requirement?

The capabilities and limitations of the system and its operating environment

During elicitation, what can developers provide?

A reality check on what can and cannot be done

Why is it important to evaluate the feasibility of a requirement?

To avoid excessive cost or effort

What is the purpose of evaluating requirement feasibility?

To determine what can be done technically and what can be done only at excessive cost or effort

Why should a requirement differentiate the product in the marketplace?

To make it stand out from competitors

What is the primary goal of a requirement?

To provide stakeholders with anticipated business value

What is a reason for including a particular requirement?

Because it is necessary for conformance to an external standard

What should a requirement provide to stakeholders?

Anticipated business value

What is the outcome if all requirements are equally important?

The project manager is unable to respond to schedule overruns

What is a characteristic of a well-written requirement?

It provides a clear explanation of the capability

Who should be involved in requirements prioritization?

Multiple stakeholders

What is the purpose of prioritizing business requirements?

To achieve the desired value

What happens when new requirements come along during a project?

The project manager should evaluate their importance and prioritize accordingly

What is the result of not prioritizing business requirements?

The project manager is unclear on how to respond to challenges

Why can't you remove all ambiguity from requirements?

Because it's the nature of human language

What is the relationship between 'comprehensible' and 'unambiguous'?

Comprehensible is related to unambiguous

What is the purpose of a formal peer review among colleagues?

To clean up a lot of the worst issues in requirements

What is an example of ambiguity in requirements?

Different people having different interpretations of a requirement

How many types of ambiguity is natural language prone to?

Two types

Test your understanding of writing clear and concise requirements for developers. Learn how to create effective functional requirements that include all necessary information. Take this quiz to improve your technical writing skills!

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