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What is required for a 1-piece sleeping garment?

Taper from the chest down to the waist

What is one of the characteristics that a sleeping garment must possess?

Have pant legs that widen from the thighs to the ends

What information should be included on a label for a sleeping garment?

Size of garment

Where should the fastenings be located if the upper piece of a 2-piece sleeping garment has them?

Within 6 inches of the bottom of the piece

Why should sleeping garments be worn snug fitting according to the hang tag?

To prevent catching fire

What should sleeping garments not have in terms of fabric ornament or trim?

Lace or ribbon extending more than 4 inches

What is a requirement for pant legs in a sleeping garment?

They should taper from the knees to the ends of the legs

Test your knowledge of the characteristics of sleeping garments with this quiz. Learn about regulations for dimensions, fabric ornaments, sleeve tapering, and more.

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