Sleep and PTSD

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Which sleep stage is considered essential for broad homeostatic recovery, including memory and cognition?


What is the role of REM sleep in emotional memory processing?

To restore optimal adaptive emotional reactivity

What did the meta-analysis by Zhang et al., 2019 find about REM sleep in PTSD patients compared to healthy controls?

No difference in REM sleep

How are chronic sleep disruption and PTSD symptoms related?

Chronic sleep disruption can perpetuate PTSD symptoms

What is the bidirectional relationship between sleep disturbances and PTSD?

Sleep disturbances and PTSD influence each other

What is the gold standard treatment for PTSD?

Prolonged exposure (PE)

What did the study by Koffel et al., 2013 find about pre-deployment sleep disruption and PTSD symptoms in the military population?

Pre-deployment sleep disruption predicted higher PTSD symptoms

What did the study by Fan et al., 2017 find about sleep disturbances and the likelihood of developing PTSD after an earthquake?

Increased sleep disturbances during or shortly post-event increased the likelihood of developing PTSD

What did the study by Rasche & Born, 2013 focus on?

The role of NREM sleep in memory and cognition

What is the relationship between insomnia and PTSD?

Insomnia and PTSD feed into each other in a vicious cycle

Which criterion of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) involves symptoms experienced for more than one month and causing clinically significant distress or impairment in important areas of functioning?

Criterion F

What is one of the possible pathways whereby sleep disruption accompanying acute response to trauma can lead to PTSD?

Objective sleep

Which criterion of PTSD involves alterations in arousal and reactivity, such as aggression, hypervigilance, and difficulties sleeping?

Criterion E

What is the bi-directional relationship between sleep and PTSD?

PTSD causes sleep disturbances

Which aspect of sleep is associated with day-to-day variability of PTSD symptoms?

Subjective sleep

Which criterion of PTSD involves avoidance of trauma-related thoughts, feelings, or external reminders?

Criterion C

What is the main focus of Maya Schenker's PhD project?

Mechanistic role of sleep in PTSD

Which criterion of PTSD involves negative alterations in cognition and mood, such as inability to recall key features of trauma and negative thoughts or assumptions about oneself or the world?

Criterion D

Which criterion of PTSD involves trauma, including death, threatened death, actual or threatened serious injury, and actual or threatened sexual violence?

Criterion A

What is the email address of Maya Schenker?

Test your knowledge on the bi-directional relationship between sleep and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Learn about the mechanistic role of sleep in PTSD, including fear conditioning and extinction learning. Explore the everyday role of sleep in managing PTSD symptoms.

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