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What does downsizing involve?

Reducing the number of employees

What is the main reason behind Modco restructuring to become flatter and leaner?

To reduce costs and increase efficiency and profits

How did Modco handle the downsizing situation?

By outsourcing jobs and reducing management levels

What does 'restructure' mean, as used in the context of Modco?

To reorganize and change the structure of the company

What is a freelancer?

An independent person who works for several companies

What was a common outcome for many managers at Modco after the downsizing?

Loss of their jobs

Study Notes

The Career Ladder: A Job for Life

  • Traditionally, people worked for the same organization from entry to retirement age
  • Career paths were clear, with opportunities for promotion to more senior jobs with greater responsibility
  • Demotions were unlikely, and employees could leave the company by resigning or providing notice

Changes in the Career Ladder: A Job for Now

  • Modco has downsized and restructured, reducing management levels from five to three
  • Many managers have lost their jobs, and the company has become flatter and leaner
  • The goal of restructuring was to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and boost profits

Outsourcing and Freelancers

  • Modco has outsourced many jobs previously done by in-house staff, such as office cleaning, transportation, and customer payment collection
  • Outsourcing allows Modco to focus on its core business activities
  • The company uses freelancers, independent workers who may work for multiple companies, and employs people on short-term temporary contracts

Test your knowledge on the evolution of career paths from 'a job for life' to 'a job for now' as discussed in Shaimaa Abouzeid's text. Explore the concepts of career progression, downsizing, resignation, and changing job dynamics.

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