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What type of material is doped with an impurity having three electrons in its valence shell?

P-type material

What is the basic construction of a PNP transistor?

Two P- and one N-type layers of material

In which condition does the P-N Junction Diode freely pass current?

Forward-biased condition

What happens when the reverse bias potential is increased to the reverse breakdown voltage for a diode?

The diode passes a negligible amount of current

Which terminal of a Bipolar Junction Transistor supplies majority carriers for the transistor to function?

Emitter (E)

What are the input parameters for Common-Base (CB) BJT configuration?

VBE and IE

In Common-Base (CB) BJT configuration, how does the variation of IE versus VBE for different VCB behave?

Similar to forward-biased diode

What happens to IE when VCB is increased for constant VBE in Common-Base (CB) BJT configuration?

IE increases

Which BJT configuration has the base as the common point, with the emitter being negative and the collector being positive?

Common-Base (CB)

What are the output parameters for Common-Base (CB) BJT configuration?

VCB and IC

Test your knowledge of semiconductor diodes and their characteristics with this introductory electronics quiz. Explore N-type and P-type materials, doping with impurities, and the behavior of charge carriers. Whether you're a student of electronics or simply curious about semiconductor technology, this quiz is a great way to challenge yourself and learn more about this fundamental aspect of electronics.

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