Self Excited DC Generator and DC Motor Module 3 Quiz

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What is the purpose of the field winding in a DC generator?

To produce the magnetic flux

What is the purpose of the commutator in a DC generator?

To facilitate the collection of current from the armature windings

What is the difference between lap windings and wave windings in a DC machine?

Lap windings are suitable for low voltage, high current machines, while wave windings are suitable for high voltage, low current machines

What is the purpose of the armature core in a DC generator?

To provide a path of very low reluctance to the flux through the armature

What is the purpose of the brushes in a DC generator?

To collect current from the armature windings

What is the purpose of field excitation in a DC generator?

To energize the field windings and set up a steady magnetic field

What is the function of the stator in a DC generator?

It is the stationary part of the machine

Which material is commonly used to make the yoke of a DC generator?


What is the main function of the rotor in a DC generator?

Converts electrical energy into mechanical energy

What type of DC generator has field magnets energized by their own supplied current?

Self-excited DC generator

At what condition does a DC generator achieve maximum efficiency?

When the constant losses are equal to the variable losses

In a DC generator, what do the pole shoes do?

Represent the direction of thrust on the conductor

What is the voltage regulation of a DC generator?

The percentage rise in the terminal voltage when the load is removed

Which part of a DC generator helps link an electrical energy system to another energy system?


What is the function of the pole in a DC generator?

Provides a reversible means of energy flow in its magnetic field

According to Faraday's law, what can induce an electromotive force in a conductor?

A changing magnetic field

What type of DC motor has a permanent magnet on the inner periphery of the stator?

Permanent magnet DC motor

Which law describes the force experienced by a charged particle in the presence of electric and magnetic fields?

Lorentz law

Test your knowledge on self-excited DC generators, efficiency, maximum efficiency, voltage regulation, and DC motors in Module 3. Learn about field magnets energized by their own current and the relationship between constant losses and variable losses.

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