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What is the function of a generator?

To transfer mechanical energy into electrical energy

In a DC Generator, what is the function of the stator?

The stationary part of the machine

What does a Compound-wound generator refer to?

A type of generator with both series and shunt field windings

How is voltage regulation achieved in a DC Generator?

By adjusting the excitation or field current

What is the purpose of parallel operation of DC generators?

To increase the efficiency of the generators

Which factor is crucial for determining the efficiency of generators?

Ratio of output power to input power

What is the purpose of the series field coils in a short-shunt compound generator?

To regulate the terminal voltage of the generator

What is the main reason for connecting multiple smaller generators in parallel in a DC power plant, rather than using a single large generator?

To ensure continuity of service in case of a generator failure

What is the relationship between the constant or rotational losses and the variable losses in a generator for maximum efficiency?

The constant or rotational losses should be made equal to the variable losses to achieve maximum efficiency

What is the definition of voltage regulation in a DC generator?

The percentage rise in the terminal voltage of the generator when the load is removed

Which of the following is a benefit of efficiently loading a generator in a DC power plant?

It reduces the electric power cost per kWh

What is the purpose of the shunt field coils in a short-shunt compound generator?

To regulate the terminal voltage of the generator

What is the primary advantage of parallel operation of generators?

Ability to perform routine or emergency operations while isolating affected generators

Why might parallel operation of smaller generators be preferred over a single large unit?

A single large unit of desired capacity may not be available

What is a potential consequence of paralleling a DC generator with reversed polarity?

Serious short-circuit and potential damage to the generator

Which type of generator is more commonly operated in parallel?

AC generators

What is the purpose of a compound-wound generator?

To improve voltage regulation

What is a potential issue with paralleling generators that should be checked before paralleling?

Reversed polarity

Test your knowledge about DC generator characteristics including maximum efficiency, short-shunt compound generator, voltage regulation, and parallel operation of DC generators.

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