Scientific Research Levels and Types

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What is the main requirement for a research to be considered as scientific research?

It should contribute to a body of science and follow the scientific method

What is the purpose of science according to the text?

To create scientific knowledge

What does 'scientific knowledge' refer to according to the text?

Generalized body of laws and theories

At what levels does scientific research operate according to the text?

Theoretical level and empirical level

What are considered as 'laws' in scientific knowledge according to the text?

Observed patterns of phenomena or behaviors

Which of the following is NOT a requirement for research to be considered as scientific research?

Conducted by experienced researchers only

What is the primary focus of the theoretical level of scientific research?

Developing abstract concepts

Which form of scientific inquiry involves inferring theoretical concepts?


What is the main goal of exploratory research?

To scope out the extent of phenomenon

Which type of research is directed at making careful observations and detailed documentation of a phenomenon?

Descriptive research

What does explanatory research seek explanations for?

Observed phenomena, problems, or behaviors

Which type of scientific research is concerned with testing theoretical concepts?


In which type of research are the goals focused on scoping out the nature and extent of a problem?

Exploratory research

What type of scientific inquiry involves testing theoretical concepts?


What type of scientific research projects aim to generate initial ideas and test the feasibility of further study?


In which type of research are careful observations and detailed documentation the primary focus?

Descriptive research

Explore the different levels, forms, and types of scientific research with this quiz. Test your knowledge on the various methodologies and approaches used in scientific research.

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