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What was a major breakthrough in technology for early people during the Paleolithic Age?

The development of flint tools with sharp edges

What materials did Paleolithic people use to construct their shelters?

Animal skins, brush, and wood

What did Paleolithic people use the sharp-edged tools made from flint for?

Hunting animals

Which activity was facilitated by the use of fish hooks during the Paleolithic Age?

Fishing for food

What type of tools did Paleolithic humans use to clean animal hides for clothing and shelter?

Scraping tools

What material did Paleolithic humans craft needles from in order to make nets and baskets during the Paleolithic Age?

Animal bones

What was the main source of energy for Paleolithic people?

Animal sources

What was the division of labor between Paleolithic men and women?

Men were responsible for hunting while women were responsible for gathering

What was the primary technology used by Paleolithic people?

Sticks, stones, and tree branches

What was the significance of the first families that emerged during the Paleolithic Age?

It facilitated the division of labor within the group

Which of the following best describes the Paleolithic Age?

An era of hunter-gatherer societies and the use of basic tools

What was the significance of the designation of tasks within Paleolithic groups?

It facilitated the emergence of specialized crafts and the division of labor

Which of the following is NOT one of the key historical transitions mentioned?

The Renaissance

Which of the following statements about the Paleolithic Age is NOT true?

People lived in permanent settlements during this age.

What is the significance of the 'Human Revolution' mentioned in the text?

It refers to the remarkable and sudden emergence of language, consciousness, and culture in humans.

How did the development of technology make tasks easier, according to the text?

By making difficult and complicated tasks easier.

What does the term 'Stone Age' refer to?

The period when humans first started using stone tools.

Which of the following statements about the Paleolithic Age is true?

People traveled in small groups or bands.

Test your knowledge on the historical transitions related to science, technology, and society including the emergence of technology and key historical periods such as the Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Industrial Revolution.

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