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What enabled early humans to make and use tools during the Paleolithic Age?

Large, complex brains

What is the key characteristic of the Paleolithic Age?

Nomadic hunting and gathering

How did the size of Paleolithic groups typically compare to modern hunter-gatherer societies?

Paleolithic groups were smaller, around 20-30 members

Which of the following animals were NOT hunted by Paleolithic people?


What was the primary means of subsistence for Paleolithic people?

Hunting and gathering

What is the 'Human Revolution' referred to in the text?

The emergence of Homo sapiens sapiens

What did Joseph Aspdin invent in 1824?

A chemical process for making Portland cement

Which machine displaced hand threshing with a flail?

The threshing machine invented by Andrew Meikle in 1784

Who patented the tin can in 1810?

Peter Durand

When was the first commercial canning factory opened in England?


What year was the internal combustion engine invented?


Which invention had the most significant impact on food preservation and transportation?

The tin can

During the Dark Ages, one of the problems faced was:

Lack of a central government

Which of the following is NOT true about the Renaissance?

Occurred during the 17th century

What was a key development in the Industrial Revolution?

Cotton Gin

Which period saw a dramatic change in the face of industry?

The Industrial Revolution

What impact did the Industrial Revolution have on economies and lives?

Introduction of inventions to make life easier

Which industry saw large gains in productivity during the Industrial Revolution?

Spinning and weaving of textiles

What characterized the Paleolithic Age in terms of communication and arts?

Development of spoken language

What did early humans use to create fire during the Paleolithic Age?

Iron Pyrite

How did early people store food in the Paleolithic Age?

Cooked and smoked it

What marked the transition from hunting-gathering to agriculture in human history?

First Agricultural Revolution

What was a significant change in social structure during the Neolithic Age?

Domestication of large animals

What were early Paleolithic paintings made of?

Crushed yellow, black, and red rocks combined with animal fat

What was the primary form of entertainment before the creation of the phonograph?

Live music and theater performances

What was the impact of the airplane on personal and business travel?

It dramatically altered the face of personal and business travel

What is the defining characteristic of the Anthropocene era?

The dominance of human activity on climate and the environment

When was the term "Anthropocene" first used?

In the 1960s by scientists in the Soviet Union

What impact have nuclear weapons had on geology?

They have left their mark on geology

Test your knowledge on the historical transitions of science and technology throughout mankind's history, from the Paleolithic Period to the Industrial Revolution. Explore how advancements in technology have made tasks easier and have evolved over time through gradual improvements.

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