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According to Aristotelianism, how does Aristotle view technology?

As a means to an end

What is the main concern of technological pessimism according to Jacques Ellul?

Technology creating more problems

What is the extreme version of technological optimism's philosophy?


What does technological optimism believe technology can do?

Alleviate all difficulties and provide solutions for problems

What is the main criterion for judging technology according to Aristotelianism?

The value given to the product based on its use and effect on society

Study Notes

Aristotelian View of Technology

  • Aristotle views technology as a means to achieve human virtues and happiness.
  • He believes technology should be used to enhance human life, but not to replace human judgment and wisdom.

Technological Pessimism

  • According to Jacques Ellul, the main concern of technological pessimism is that technology has become an autonomous force that controls human society.
  • Technological pessimism views technology as a negative force that can lead to dehumanization and the loss of individual freedom.

Technological Optimism

  • The extreme version of technological optimism's philosophy is known as "techno-utopianism," which believes that technology will solve all human problems.
  • Technological optimism believes that technology can bring about rapid progress and solve many of humanity's problems, improving the human condition dramatically.

Aristotelian Criterion for Judging Technology

  • According to Aristotelianism, the main criterion for judging technology is whether it contributes to human flourishing and the cultivation of virtues.
  • This criterion emphasizes the importance of evaluating technology based on its impact on human well-being and character development.

Test your knowledge of selected views on technology, including Aristotelianism and other perspectives. Explore the role of technology in shaping human society and condition.

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