Russian Revolution and Tsarist Regime History

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What type of government characterized the Russian state for nearly a thousand years?


Who took power in November 1917 after Tsar Nicholas II abdicated?


What did the Russian Communist Party believe in terms of ownership of the means of production?

State ownership

What was the aim of the Russian Communists who took power in November 1917?

Create a socialist society and spread socialism worldwide

Who led the Soviet Union in 1985 and initiated a program of reform?

Mikhail Gorbachev

True or false: The Russian state was ruled by a hereditary monarch with limited power by constitutional constraints?


True or false: The Communist Revolution in Russia occurred during World War II?


True or false: The Russian Communist Party aimed to spread capitalism throughout the world?


True or false: Mikhail Gorbachev emphasized the need for greater openness, known as glasnost, in society?


True or false: The communist regime in the Soviet Union was characterized as democratic?


Test your knowledge on the historical background of the Russian Tsarist regime and the Communist Revolution that led to the Soviet Order.

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