Runway Markings and Dimensions

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What is the distance from the runway designation number where the first stripe commences?

12 m

What is the width of the runway centerline marking on instrument non-precision approach runways where the code number is 3 or 4?

0.45 m

Where are runway designation markings typically provided?

At the thresholds of all sealed, concrete or asphalt runways

What is the composition of a runway designation marking on a single runway?

A two-digit number

How are parallel runways numbered if there are four or more?

One set of adjacent runways is numbered to the nearest one-tenth magnetic azimuth and the other set is numbered to the next nearest

Which direction is considered when determining the two-digit number on a single runway?

Direction of approach

What is the minimum width required for the straight portion of the runway turn pad marking?

15 cm

What is the maximum nose wheel steering angle used in the design of the curve for a 180-degree turn?


What is the minimum clearance distance required between any wheel of the aeroplane landing gear and the edge of the runway turn pad?

According to MOS

When is a new system of visual cues required to be provided?

When the threshold is temporarily displaced

What is the maximum distance from the end of the runway that a threshold can be temporarily displaced without requiring an additional survey for obstacles?

300 m

What is a possible consideration for codes E and F aeroplanes to facilitate ease of maneuvering?

Providing a larger wheel-to-edge clearance

What is the primary reason for a temporarily displaced threshold?

To provide additional clearance for obstacle infringement

What is the color of taxiway markings?


What is the minimum duration for which a temporarily displaced threshold can be marked, due to obstacle infringement of the approach surface?

30 days

Which of the following figures illustrates markings for a typical runway with the threshold at the runway end?

Figure 8.3-11

What is the maximum displacement allowed for a temporarily displaced threshold due to obstacle infringement of the approach surface for a period of 5 days or less?

450 m

Where are taxiway markings mandatory?

On all paved taxiways

What is the primary purpose of the clearances specified in Table 6.9-1?

To ensure the aircraft nose wheel follows the stand marking

What is the minimum required element of an aircraft stand marking?

Stand identification

Where should the stand identification be located on the lead-in line?

A short distance after the beginning of the lead-in line

Why is identification of the aircraft for which each set of markings is intended added to the stand identification?

To avoid confusion when multiple sets of markings are superimposed

What is the primary consideration for determining the height of the stand identification?

The readability of the identification from the cockpit

What is the purpose of the lead-in line?

To guide the aircraft to the correct parking position

Where should taxi lead-in line designation markings be located?

At the beginning of each diverging taxi guideline or lead-in line

What is the purpose of the aircraft type limit designation?

To indicate which aircraft types can park at a position

What is the minimum height of the characters used for taxi lead-in line designations?

2 m

What is the spacing requirement between the lead-in line and the aircraft type limit designation?

0.3 m

What designation is required for a lead-in line leading to an apron parking position suitable only for helicopters?


How should the designation be formatted when a lead-in line leads to multiple parking positions?

First and last numbers separated by a dash

Test your knowledge of runway markings and dimensions as per aviation standards. Learn about the width of centerline markings on different types of runways and approach categories.

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