Collagen Structure and Function

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Qual é a principal função do colágeno no corpo humano?

Estabilizar os ossos

Quais são as três cadeias de peptídeos que formam o colágeno?

As cadeias alfa, beta e gama

Qual é a principal estrutura que mantém as três cadeias de peptídeos juntas?

Pequenas quantidades de aminoácidos

Study Notes

  • The main protein in the human body is collagen. It makes up around 25% of our total mass and its main function is structural support for bones, skin, and blood vessels.
  • Type 1 collagen, which is found mainly in bones, tendons, and ligaments, has a high resistance to mechanical stress, making it ideal for tissues that support the body and need high resistance to function.
  • Type 2 collagen is present mainly in cartilage and joints, and all types of collagen have three peptide chains that are intertwined to form the superhelix. The primary structure of each chain's alpha chain determines its type.
  • The peptide chains are stabilized by hydrogen bonds, and the bonds between the chains are held together by small amounts of amino acid, glycine.
  • The small amount of glycine allows for greater empacotment of the structure, and the linkage of the three chains is stabilized by hydrogen bonds.

Test your knowledge of the structure and function of collagen, the main protein in the human body. Discover the different types of collagen and their roles in providing structural support for bones, skin, and other tissues.

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