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Which period does Romanesque architecture belong to?


What was the main influence for Romanesque architecture?

Ancient Roman art and architecture

What is the time frame for the use of Romanesque architecture in Europe?

500-1200 CE

What does the list of best Romanesque buildings include, besides churches?

Secular buildings as well

What criteria were used to determine the best Romanesque buildings in the list?

Innovation, size, and overall beauty

Study Notes

Romanesque Architecture

  • Belongs to the medieval period, specifically between 10th and 12th centuries
  • Mainly influenced by ancient Roman and Byzantine architecture, as well as Carolingian and Ottonian styles

Time Frame and Geographic Scope

  • Used in Europe from around 950 to 1150, with a peak period between 1030 and 1080
  • Spread across Europe, from Italy to England, and from Spain to Germany

Notable Romanesque Buildings

  • Besides churches, the list of best Romanesque buildings includes monasteries, castles, and civic buildings

Criteria for Selection

  • Buildings were selected based on their architectural innovation, historical significance, and cultural importance

Test your knowledge of Romanesque architecture with this quiz! Learn about the top 15 Romanesque buildings and their iconic features. From ancient Roman influences to European prominence, explore the defining characteristics of this architectural style.

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