Rock Cycle and Types of Rocks

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What process is responsible for breaking down rocks into smaller fragments?


What is the term for the original rock that undergoes metamorphism?


Which type of rock is most likely to contain fossils?


What process is involved in the formation of sedimentary rocks?

Compaction and Cementation

What feature is characteristic of some igneous rocks?

Holes from gases

What is the primary mechanism by which sediment is converted into sedimentary rock?

Compaction and Cementation

Which of the following characteristics is NOT typical of metamorphic rocks?

Glassy texture

Which type of rock is most likely to be formed through the cooling and solidification of magma?

Igneous rock

What is the term for the breakdown of rocks into smaller fragments through exposure to wind, water, or ice?


Which of the following rock types is characterized by a combination of heat, pressure, and chemical reactions?

Metamorphic rock

Test your knowledge of the rock cycle, including the different processes that form igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Learn about key vocabulary terms such as weathering, erosion, and lithification, and understand the characteristics of each type of rock.

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