Research Publication and Ethics: Philosophy and Scientific Conduct

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What is the concept of redundant publications in the context of research ethics?

Publishing the same research in multiple journals

What is the primary goal of setting best practices and standards in publication ethics?

To ensure transparency and accountability in research

What is the term for the act of manipulating research data to support a desired outcome?


What is the purpose of using the SHERPA/ROMEO online resource?

To check publisher copyright and self-archiving policies

What is the term for the act of passing off someone else's work as one's own?


What is the purpose of publication misconduct databases?

To track and prevent publication misconduct

What is the primary focus of the module 'Theory Philosophy and Ethics'?

Branches of philosophy and moral judgments

Which of the following is NOT a type of scientific misconduct?

Intellectual honesty

What is the main purpose of COPE and WAME initiatives?

To set standards for publication ethics

What is the term for the practice of publishing multiple papers on the same research?

Salami slicing

Which of the following is a tool used to identify predatory publications?

Software tool developed by SPPU

What is the primary goal of publication ethics in research?

To maintain research integrity

Test your understanding of research ethics and philosophy, including the definition and scope of philosophy, moral philosophy, and ethics in science and research. This quiz covers scientific conduct, intellectual honesty, and research integrity, as well as scientific misconducts such as Falsification, Fabrication, and Plagiarism.

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