Recruitment, Selection, and Training Process in Organizations

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What is the primary purpose of recruitment in an organization?

To fill job position vacancies

What is the main advantage of external recruitment?

Access to wider range of experience

Why is external recruitment considered more expensive?

It involves advertising and interviews

Which method is NOT a part of external recruitment?

Internal job postings

What can be a potential disadvantage of external recruitment?

Limited access to diverse talent pool

What does internal recruitment involve?

Seeking candidates from within the organization

What is the process of identifying and attracting current employees to apply for or be promoted into new or existing positions within the same organization?

Internal recruitment

Which of the following is an advantage of internal recruitment?

Cheaper and quicker to recruit

What type of learning focuses on short-term job performance and acquisition or improvement of job-related skills?

Job-specific training

What is the initial step in the selection process?

Establishing the selection criteria

Which of the following is a disadvantage of internal recruitment?

No new ideas can be introduced from outside

What type of learning is geared toward the individual's acquisition of skills in preparation for future job appointments and other responsibilities?

Development training

What is included in orientation programs for employees?

Understand core values and the company's mission

Which step comes after completing the application form in the selection process?

Screening by listing

What type of training focuses on improving communication, teamwork skills, and problem-solving abilities?

Soft skills development

What does external recruitment refer to?

The process of recruiting candidates from outside the organization.

Learn about the process of recruiting, selecting, and training employees in organizations with this lesson outline. Explore topics such as recruitment, selection, and training & development.

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