Quality Metrics and Non-Functional Requirements in Software Development

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What does maintenance in software development involve?

Fixing issues and making necessary changes or enhancements

In agile methodologies, what is interactive and incremental development referred to as?

Overlapping development

Why is it important for software to be able to change rapidly according to the text?

To adapt to business and social changes quickly

What is a key aspect of software intertwined with trust aspects of our lives?


What range of scales do software systems need to be developed across, according to the text?

A wide range, from small embedded systems to Internet-scale systems

What are stand-alone applications in software development?

Applications that include all necessary functionality and run on local computers

What is the dominant approach for constructing web-based systems?

Assembling them from pre-existing software components and systems

In cloud computing, how do users pay for software services?

According to their actual usage of the software

What is the nature of development and delivery for web-based systems?

Iterative and incremental development

What are web interfaces constrained by according to the text?

Capabilities of web browsers

What is a key benefit of using technologies like AJAX in web development?

Creating rich interfaces within a web browser

How is software provision different in cloud computing compared to traditional methods?

Users pay according to their actual usage of the software

What is the purpose of software validation in the software process activities?

To verify that the software meets customer requirements

Which software process activity involves understanding stakeholders' needs and documenting requirements?

Requirement Analysis

What is the main focus of System Design in the software process activities?

Defining the architecture of the system

In which activity does one put the software into production for users to start using it?


What is the purpose of Requirement Analysis in the software process activities?

Understanding stakeholders' needs and documenting requirements

Which activity involves writing the code that makes up the system based on design documents?

Implementation (or Coding)

Explore the essential attributes of good software, which are often referred to as 'quality metrics' or 'non-functional requirements'. This quiz covers topics such as defining software specifications, software development activities, and ensuring compatibility with other systems.

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