Preserving Heritage Buildings and Statues

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What is one of the author's main suggestions to protect heritage sites?

Organizing repair of old buildings by the government

What should be done if tourists damage historical buildings?

The government should make them pay for it

How can visitors contribute financially towards preserving historical sites?

Paying a fee when they visit them

What is one way local people can be involved in promoting heritage sites?

Setting up special websites about heritage sites

How can children learn about their heritage according to the text?

By watching TV shows about the country's heritage

What is the author's stance on the responsibility of preserving heritage?

It should be the sole responsibility of the government.

How does the author suggest funding for the preservation of old buildings?

By using money collected from tourists' visits.

What is one consequence of tourists damaging historical buildings according to the text?

The government will make tourists pay for the damages.

What is one suggestion by the author to promote heritage sites?

Creating special websites about heritage sites.

How does the author suggest involving local people in promoting heritage?

By encouraging them to visit, promote, and learn about heritage sites.

What is one proposed way to prevent private companies from harming historical buildings?

Setting up strict regulations against companies' involvement in heritage preservation.

What role do schools play in educating children about heritage?

Schools should educate children through school trips and dedicated lessons.

What is one measure suggested by the author to discourage tourists from damaging historical sites?

Imposing heavy fines on tourists seen near historical buildings.

What is a suggested method by the author to increase public awareness of heritage sites?

Promoting heritage sites through various media channels.

How does the author propose handling visitors who take items from historical buildings?

Punishing visitors who take items away from historical sites.

Explore ways to protect historic buildings and statues in order to preserve cultural heritage. Discuss the role of the government in implementing laws, funding restoration projects, and setting visitor guidelines to ensure sustainability.

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