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Pre-Columbian Native Americans

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What was the impact of European colonization on Native American societies?

They were significantly affected and changed

What was the main reason for the warfare between Europeans and Natives?

European attempts to assimilate Natives into their culture

How did the introduction of European germs and viruses affect the Native American population?

It caused the deaths of nearly 90% of the Native population

What was one of the main differences between European and Native American cultures?

Their values and belief systems

What was the estimated number of Native American deaths due to European germs and viruses?

55 million

What was one of the ways that Europeans and Natives interacted peacefully?

Through trading and bartering

What was the European settlers' perception of the Native Americans?

They saw them as violent savages

When did the Europeans first settle in America?

In the 16th century

What was the primary motivation behind European colonization?

To claim land and settle

How did the Native Americans respond to the European attempts to assimilate them?

They resisted the changes

What was the primary consequence of the Europeans' arrival on Native American populations?

A massive decline in population due to diseases

What was a major factor contributing to the conflict between Europeans and Natives?

Cultural differences

What was the perception of the Natives by European settlers?

They were seen as savages

What was a result of the Europeans' attempts to assimilate the Natives?

Warfare broke out between the two groups

What were the Europeans seeking to do to the Native Americans' land?

Lay claim to their land

What was one way that Europeans and Natives interacted?

Through trade and commerce

What was the impact of European colonization on Native American societies?

It led to the destruction of Native American societies

What came with the European settlers to America?

Viruses and germs

What was the time period when the Native American population declined significantly?

Between 1492 and 1600

What was the estimated number of Native American deaths between 1492 and 1600?

55 million

Discover the rich history of Native American peoples before the arrival of European settlers. Learn about their cultures, traditions, and ways of life. Explore the diverse tribes that inhabited the American continent.

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