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What is the main focus of Pragmatics?

The study of contextual meaning and how it influences what is said.

In Pragmatics, what does the study of meaning primarily involve?

Understanding what people mean in a particular context and how the context influences what is said.

Which aspect defines Pragmatics as different from Semantics?

The focus on contextual meaning and its influence on communication.

What distinguishes Pragmatics from Syntax?

Emphasis on the relationship between language use and context.

What does Pragmatics primarily aim to analyze?

The intended meaning behind people's utterances in specific contexts.

Who are linguists specializing in pragmatics called?


When was the International Pragmatics Association (IPrA) established?


What does pragmatic competence refer to?

The ability to understand another speaker's intended meaning

Who first distinguished pragmatics as an independent subfield within semiotics?

Charles Morris

What was pragmatics a reaction to?

Structuralist linguistics outlined by Ferdinand de Saussure

Study Notes

Pragmatics Overview

  • The main focus of Pragmatics is the study of how context affects the meaning of language.

Study of Meaning

  • The study of meaning in Pragmatics primarily involves the analysis of how speakers and listeners use language to convey meaning in a particular situation.

Distinction from Semantics

  • Pragmatics is different from Semantics in that it takes into account the speaker's intentions, the relationship between the speaker and the listener, and the social and cultural context in which the language is used.

Distinction from Syntax

  • Pragmatics is distinct from Syntax in that it focuses on the use of language in context, whereas Syntax focuses on the rules governing the structure of language.

Primary Aim

  • Pragmatics primarily aims to analyze how language is used to communicate effectively in a given context.

Linguists Specializing in Pragmatics

  • Linguists specializing in pragmatics are called pragmatists.

International Pragmatics Association (IPrA)

  • The International Pragmatics Association (IPrA) was established in 1986.

Pragmatic Competence

  • Pragmatic competence refers to the ability to use language appropriately in a given context.

Founding of Pragmatics

  • Charles Morris first distinguished pragmatics as an independent subfield within semiotics.

Reaction to Structuralism

  • Pragmatics was a reaction to Structuralism, which focused on the underlying structures of language rather than its use in context.

Test your understanding of pragmatic concepts with this quiz covering the definition and scope of pragmatics, speech act theory, pragmatics and syntax, indirect speech acts, and communication. This quiz is based on the content from Dr. Nahla's Pragmatics 2nd year language course for the 2023s/2024s 1st term.

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