Practical Research 2 Quarter 2 Module: Quantitative Research Designs 1 Quiz

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What type of research design aims to determine a cause from already existing effects?

Ex Post Facto

In quasi-experimental research, how many dependent variables are typically used?

Only one

What is the main difference between experimental and quasi-experimental research in terms of group selection?

Intact groups are used in experimental, while quasi-experimental randomly assigned individuals into groups

What sampling method was used by Teacher Joan when he selected every 8th name in each class list as a participant?

Systematic Random Sampling

What is the main objective of descriptive research?

To observe and report a certain phenomenon

In correlational research, what does the design seek to establish?

Association between variables

When is ex post facto research design more appropriate to use?

To measure a cause from a pre-existing effect

What does intervention or treatment pertain to in experimental research?

Controlling or manipulating the independent variable

What does quasi-experimental research involve?

Having a control group and a treatment group

Test your knowledge of quantitative research designs with this quiz. Analyze statements and select the correct answers based on your understanding of research designs and their applications.

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