Political Culture and Behavior in Philippine Politics

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What is politics linked to, according to Heywood (2012)?

Conflict and cooperation

When did interest in political culture start to rise?

1950's to 1960's

What does political culture refer to?

People's psychological orientations

How is culture passed on in its broadest sense?

From generation to generation by learning

What is Filipino culture described as?

A systematically related set of mental and concrete constructions

According to political thinkers, what role do beliefs and values play in promoting stability?

Vital role

What is the term used to describe the beliefs, feelings, and practices shared by large groups of Filipinos in relation to political power?

Political Socialization

Which aspect of Filipino politics involves the belief in male superiority and the use of force as necessary for governance?


What is a characteristic of the rise of political clans in the Philippines?

Presence of nepotism

What is a key consequence of the lack of clear ideological separation between political parties in the Philippines?

Blatant inefficiencies and mediocrity

How do Filipinos living under extreme poverty tend to interact with politicians?

Rely on patron politicians for temporary relief

How do Filipinos develop values and beliefs that enable them to support the political system?

Via the process of Political Socialization

Study Notes

Definition of Politics

  • Politics is a social activity that emerges from human interaction, linked to conflict and cooperation
  • It is diverse because people have different opinions and beliefs

Political Culture and Behavioral Politics

  • Political thinkers recognized the importance of attitudes, beliefs, and values in promoting political stability and survival
  • Interest in political culture began in the 1950s-1960s with the development of behavioral analysis techniques

Definition of Culture

  • In its broadest sense, culture refers to the way of life of people, encompassing knowledge, values, and practices passed down from one generation to the next
  • In a narrower sense, culture refers to people's psychological orientations and values

Political Culture

  • Political culture refers to a pattern of orientations to political objects, expressed in beliefs, symbols, and values
  • It is shaped by long-term values and influences political behavior and decision-making

Philippine Political Culture and Behavior

  • Filipino culture is a systematically related set of mental and concrete constructions, including beliefs, feelings, group-accepted practices, language, and shared values
  • Key features of Philippine political culture and behavior include:

Personalistic View on Politics and Governance

  • Family ties play a vital role in Philippine politics
  • Candidates expect unbending support from their family or clan
  • Political families consistently play a massive role in shaping national and local governments

Machismo in Politics

  • Politics in the Philippines is predominantly run by males and male-centered activities
  • Male candidates are often perceived as superior to female candidates
  • Politics is often associated with male strength and force

Culture of Dependence

  • Filipinos often display a sense of extreme dependence and helplessness, especially those living in poverty
  • This leads to a reliance on patron politicians who can relate to their struggles and provide temporary relief

Political Socialization

  • Political socialization is a process where citizens develop values, attitudes, beliefs, and opinions that enable them to support the political system
  • It involves conditioning individuals to think, act, and behave in a socially acceptable manner

Explore the fundamentals of political culture, political socialization, and political decision making in the context of Philippine political parties, movements, and interest groups. Understand the diverse aspects of politics, social interactions, and the role of conflict and cooperation. Dive into the study of democracy and politics in the Philippines.

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