Physiology Nutrition in Cnidarians Quiz

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What is the name of the single cavity in cnidarians that serves as both a digestive and circulatory system?

Gastrovascular cavity

What is the specialized stinging cell found in cnidarians called?


What type of symmetry is exhibited by most cnidarians?

Radial symmetry

How do cnidarians obtain their nutrition?

By capturing prey using their tentacles

What is the name of the simple nerve net found in cnidarians?

Nerve net

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the mesoglea in cnidarians?

It is responsible for digestion

What is the outer layer of cells in a cnidarian called?


Which of the following cnidarians is NOT a colonial organism?

Sea anemone

What is the function of the gastrodermis in cnidarians?

Digestion and absorption of nutrients

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of cnidarians?

Ability to perform photosynthesis

Test your knowledge on the carnivorous nature and feeding habits of cnidarians. Learn about how they use their tentacles and mucus to capture food, as well as the role of cnidae in prey paralyzing and capturing.

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