Philosophy: Martin Heidegger

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What is the primary focus of the study of philosophy?

General and fundamental problems concerning existence, knowledge, values, and language

Which branch of philosophy is concerned with the study of existence and reality?

Metaphysical Philosophy

What is the title of Martin Heidegger's best-known work?

Being and Time

What is the term used by Heidegger to describe the relationship between human and technology?

Free relationship

According to Heidegger, what is the essence of a thing?

What the thing is

What are the two definitions of technology proposed by Heidegger?

Instrumental and Anthropological

Explore the life and ideas of German philosopher Martin Heidegger, known for his work in phenomenology and existentialism, with a focus on his influential work 'Being and Time'. Learn about his contributions to contemporary European philosophy.

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